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Urban Developers
(Chartered Town Planners)
June 1, 2016
I.T. Tower

I.T. Tower

New Millennium added new life to the commercial property. Exceptional growth of Commercial complexes. Business centers and shopping plazas truly reflect the boost in the business activity in the city.I.T. Tower is expected to be the strategic base for emerging I.T. market in the cast Central Punjab Region. Most modern high rise building in the city, I.T. Tower comprises 5 shopping floors including Lower Ground, ground, Mezzanine, paradise and Paradise 1. The corridors are wide open and connect the shopping area from all four sides. Circulation area has been provided with much bigger space comparative to shopping area to make customers feel good about shopping for hours. It has the largest 5 basement car park in the city


  • Ideal location.
  • Business Centre.
  • Firefighting and smoke alarm system.
  • Fully equipped for safety against fire hazards.
  • Energy efficient equipment and ever ready generator.Crime fighting system through surveillance cameras
  • Escalators, elevators and stairs lead to all shopping floors.
  • Centrally Air-conditioned.
  • Tempered Double Glass to offer highest level of resistance to heat, noise and against other hazards.
  • Multiple emergency exits.
  • Earthquake proof structure and design.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
  • Hotspot via satellite.
  • Reliable infrastructure
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